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Charger Armytek Handy C2 Pro


Portable charger with Powerbank


Portable charger with Powerbank

  • Intelligent automatic detection of battery type, charge level and optimal current.
  • Special ‘wings’ design for reliable carrying of batteries without additional silicone strips.
  • Supports IMR / Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd with diameter 8..19mm and length 30..70mm, for example: AA, AAA, AAAA, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 18700, 20700.
  • Precise charge algorithm to extend battery lifespan.
  • Quick charge with 1A current and autodetection of 0.5A current for small batteries.
  • Built-in effective powerbank supports devices with charge current up to 2.5A.
  • Auto-detection of bad batteries and reverse polarity.
  • Automatically stops the charging when complete depending on the battery.
  • Always visible multicolor LED indication.
  • Micro-USB cable included.
  • Possibility to use car/wall adapters with USB output.
  • Powerbank is compatible with iPhone & iPad.
Battery type: IMR/ Li-Ion/ NiMH
Battery compatibility: diameter 8..19mm and length 30..70mm (AA, AAA, AAAA, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 18700, 20700)
Indication type: 2х4 multicolor LEDs
Voltage per channel: 4.2 V
Charging current per one channel: 1A/ 0.5A
Input: Micro-USB DC 5V / 2A
Powerbank function: DC 5V / 1A
Weight: 68g
What's included: Micro-USB cable, manual

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