List of products by brand Ledlenser

  • Flashlight F1


    As light as it is powerful: At 69 g the Ledlenser F1 weighs less than a small apple and with up to 400 lm it is as bright as a 40 watt bulb

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  • Flashlight F1R


    Measuring just only 115 mm and weighing 120 g, the battery-powered brother of the F1 produces up to 1000 lm and lasts an unbelievable 60 hours

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  • Flashlight i18R


    This high-lumen workhorse is unbeatable when it comes to brightness and handling

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  • Flashlight i4


    A batter-powered pen light with excellent light output, a run time of up to 20 hours and always easy to store: That's the Ledlenser i4!

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  • Flashlight i4R


    The rechargeable penlight i4R convinces through its lighting performance with a runtime of up to 18 hours, and easily fits into any pocket due to its small size

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  • Flashlight i6


    Everyone's had them: days where you have to give 120 % and put in overtime to finish a job. This is exactly what Ledlenser i6, a handy pen light with Advanced Focus System and Rapid Focus is for

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  • Flashlight i6R


    The pioneer among rechargeable Ledlenser pen lights can easily keep up with our larger flashlights and impresses with its functional design

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  • Flashlight i7R


    The rechargeable Ledlenser i7R is a true LED-powered workaholic

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  • Flashlight i9


    Working with water or oil can easily make things slippery. That's why the Ledlenser i9 industrial flashlight provides optimum light conditions and secure grip, even in complex situations

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  • Flashlight i9R


    Sustainability is more important in industrial contexts than ever before. The Ledlenser i9R is also based on this principle

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  • Flashlight i9R Iron


    You have the highest quality standards when it comes to your work and only top performance from those around you? Then the Ledlenser i9R Iron is the right flashlight for you!

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  • Flashlight i9R Iron CRI


    This flashlight isn’t afraid to show its true colors: the i9R iron CRI is metal-sheathed, IPX4 certified and features extremely high luminosity

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  • Flashlight K4R


    High power in a small housing! The K4R is a key ring lamp raising performance, technology and design up to a new level

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  • Flashlight MT10


    This very compact but strong flashflight easily fits nature in your bag

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  • Flashlight MT14


    The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fishing trip

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  • Flashlight MT18


    With its brightness and ease of use, this up to 3000 lumens strong flashlight wins over hunters, campers and fishers alike

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  • Flashlight P14


    Four AA batteries. The Ledlenser P14 doesn't need more to turn night into day

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  • Flashlight P17


    Design and technology have never come together so well. The Ledlenser's P17 casing is black and due its coating has an elegant and velvety appearance

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