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  • Flashlight P7R


    Economy meets ecology: With its energy concept that's perfectly geared towards batteries, the P7R is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well

  • Flashlight P17


    Design and technology have never come together so well. The Ledlenser's P17 casing is black and due its coating has an elegant and velvety appearance

  • Flashlight P17R


    With a battery life of up to 60 hours, the P17R is a real stayer. Its main selling point is its sustainable battery technology, which is predominantly used in electric vehicles: the Safety Ytrion Cell

  • Flashlight MT10


    This very compact but strong flashflight easily fits nature in your bag

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  • Flashlight MT14


    The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fishing trip

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  • Flashlight MT18


    With its brightness and ease of use, this up to 3000 lumens strong flashlight wins over hunters, campers and fishers alike

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  • Flashligth MT6


    This flashlight is the ideal accompanyment for every hunting, fishing and camping trip. It can be regularly operated with rechargable or non-rechargable AA batteries

  • Flashlight P3


    The Ledlenser P3 is the big brother of the P2. With its larger head diameter of 19 mm it has a greater lighting range

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  • Flashlight P5


    A lot of flashlight for so little weight: At a length of 113 mm, the Ledlenser P5 weighs in at 80 g

  • Flashlight P5R Core


    The P5R Core is lightweight (106 g) and extremely compact, so it fits comfortably in the pocket of a jacket or trouser

  • Flashlight P7


    A larger profiled switch makes it easier to use when wearing gloves

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  • Flashlight P17R Core


    The P17R Core is an extremely reliable and bright flashlight. It is ergonomically-friendly and can be easily operated with the Fast Action Switch, making it security officer’s favorite tool

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  • Flashlight P7 Core


    The P7 is one of Ledlenser's most iconic flashlights still to this day, and they have decided to give it some design upgrades

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  • Flashlight P2


    The P2 easily proves that light output doesn't depend on size and weight alone: This up to 16 lm strong keychain flashlight measures 102 mm and weighs only 36 g

  • Flashlight P2R Core


    The smallest and lightest P-series lamp offers significant light output in a compact housing

  • Flashlight P3R


    It's unbelievable how much light output Ledlenser's smallest rechargeable flashlight can produce

  • Flashlight P4


    The size of a ballpoint pen, the P4 looks rather ordinary when you place it securely in your shirt pocket using its handy clip

  • Flashlight P4R Core


    Brightness and longevity are very important with this pen light