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  • Harness Corax Gray (various sizes)


    Versatile and fully adjustable climbing and mountaineering harness

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  • Flashlight P7R – Gift Box


    Economy meets ecology: With its energy concept that's perfectly geared towards batteries, the P7R is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well

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  • Cabble Ladder 10 m


    10 meter steel cable ladder with 33 steps. Constructed from 3 mm galvanized steel cable with a breaking strength of 8.5 kN. Distance between each step is 30 cm. Step width is 13 cm.

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  • Replacement Headband Strap Duo, Myo, Zoom


    Replacement Headband strap for all petzl headlamps except Tikka and Ultra series.

  • Headlamp e+LITE
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    Headlamp e+LITE


    Ultra-compact emergency headlamp. 30 lumens

  • Gloves Assure Max (various sizes)


    Gloves entirely in leather, with reinforced palm.

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  • Belay Device Air Force 8
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    Belay Device Air Force 8


    Classic, robust and easy to use belay device.

    It is compatible with a large range of rope diameters whether single, double or twin.

    The friction can easily be varied whatever the condition of the ropes (frozen, wet, different diameters…).

  • Detachable Anchor System Escaper
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    Detachable Anchor System Escaper


    Detachable anchor system. The ESCAPER allows you to use a single length of rope and to rappel it from remove locations. It can be used with all rope diameters, the limits being imposed by the braking device that is used with the rope.

  • Rope for Canyoning Aqualine 9,5mm (various lengths)


    Lightweight type B rope, for technical CANYONEERING. Very low elongation (2.4%) makes it excellent for long descents on one strand.

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  • Gear Loop Porto


    The Porto is a short gear loop used for carrying carabiners and other hardware.  It easily attaches to Bug, Transport, Classique, Personnel, Portage of many other popular bags.

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  • Dyneema Webbing Sling St'Anneau 12mm (various lengths)


    Dyneema webbing sling

    ST’ANNEAU is a lightweight alternative to classic slings, available in two lengths, with color coding for easy identification of length.

  • Spreader for Harnesses Lift


    Spreader for harnesses

    Spreader for full body harnesses or seat harnesses used in conjunction with a chest harness, allowing upright descent (for confined spaces).

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  • Asymmetric Double Lanyard for Caving Spelegyca


    Asymmetric double lanyard for caving

    Lanyard designed to help pass intermediate anchors when caving.

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  • Shoulder Strap for Croll Torse
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    Shoulder Strap for Croll Torse


    The TORSE shoulder straps allow the CROLL ventral ascender to remain correctly positioned, in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents when caving

  • Pack Classique 22L


    Durable medium capacity pack for caving

    The CLASSIQUE caving pack has a 22 liter volume. It is ideal, for example, for transporting waterproof containers and still leaves space available for carrying some extra equipment. It is made of TPU (PVC-free) material, and its welded construction provides greater strength. The two molded handles ensure comfortable carriage.

  • Emergency Ascender Tibloc (Orange)


    Ultra-light emergency ascender

    Ultra-light and very compact ascender for rope ascents, hauling systems or friction knot replacement in self-rescue situations. TIBLOC has an automatic system that presses the carabiner against the rope to start the braking action on the rope.

  • Carabiner Oxan Screw Lock
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    Carabiner Oxan Screw Lock


    OXAN is a high-strength steel carabiner designed for use in difficult environments. The oval, symmetrical shape allows optimal loading of the carabiner when setting up anchors or connecting to metal structures.

  • Carabiner OK Green
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    Carabiner OK Green


    The lightweight OK carabiner is made of aluminum. It has an oval shape that allows optimal loading of devices with a wide section, such as pulleys or rope clamps.