Belay Devices

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  • Belay Device Air Force 8


    Classic, robust and easy to use belay device.

    It is compatible with a large range of rope diameters whether single, double or twin.

    The friction can easily be varied whatever the condition of the ropes (frozen, wet, different diameters…).

  • Descender Rack


    Brake bar descender for long descents

    Designed for caving, RACK is a descender that is easy to manipulate. It is used with 9 to 13 mm diameter low stretch kernmantel ropes on one rope strand and can be used on two strands (8 to 11 mm low stretch kernmantel ropes) to facilitate long descents of over 80 meters. The lifespan of the device can be optimized by replacing the brake bars.

  • Pulley for Simple Caving Descender


    The replacement pulley prolongs the lifespan of the SIMPLE descender.