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Ice Axes

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  • Adjustable Handrest Trigrest (Ride/Glacier/Summit/Sum'tec,Gully)


    Adjustable handrest for classic and technical mountaineering ice axes

    TRIGREST is a removable handrest that improves the grip of an ice axe without a handle. Positioned on the shaft, its height is quickly adjusted without a tool. When positioned out of the way at the top, the ice axe may be used freely in walking position.

  • Elasticated Loss-Prevention Webbing V Link


    Elasticated loss-prevention webbing for technical ice axes

    Elasticated webbing that can connect two technical ice axes to prevent losing them while climbing. Compact and lightweight, this webbing offers great elasticity and ergonomic connectors that are easy to manipulate, even when wearing gloves.

  • Pick for Dry Tooling Dry (Quark/Nomic/Ergo)


    Pick for dry tooling, designed for ice axes with modular heads

    The DRY pick (4 mm thick) is specifically designed for mixed climbing and dry tooling. Tapered at the tip (3.3 mm), it easily penetrates the coldest ice. Teeth along the lower edge, near the shaft, help when hooking on rock or over ice bulges. The teeth along the top edge help stabilize the tool when cammed in an inverted position (stein pull).

  • Ultra-Versatile Pick Ice (Quark, Nomic, Ergo)


    Pick for ice and mixed climbing, designed for ice axes with modular heads

    The ICE is an ultra-versatile pick designed for ice climbing. Tapered at the tip (3.3 mm), it easily penetrates the coldest ice. Its geometry ensures stable placements on ice and rock, while allowing easy removal from the ice.

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  • Hammer for Ice Axes Marteau (Quark, Ergo, Nomic)


    Hammer for ice axes with modular heads

    The trapezoidal shape of this hammer's striking surface is specifically designed for placing and hammering pitons in.

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  • Ultra-Light Hammer for Ice Axes Marteau (QUARK,NOMIC,ERGO)


    Ultra-light hammer for ice axes with modular head

    With its minimalist design, the MINI MARTEAU protects the head of the ice axe and can be used to hammer pitons back in, without adding weight to the ice axe or losing balance when hammering.

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  • Adze for Ice Axes Panne


    Adze for ice axes with modular heads

    Wide adze to easily clear ice, and cut steps or a platform.

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  • Pick Pur'Ice


    Pick designed specifically for ice climbing, intended for ice axes with modular heads

    Designed for ice axes with modular heads, the PUR'ICE pick is made especially for ice climbing. It gives excellent penetration in ice and removes very easily. Serrated on the upper part, the pick offers stable support when the ice axe is turned upside-down.

  • Grip Tape


    Self-adhesive rubber grip tape for customising ice tools (or replacing worn out hand grips)

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  • Quick Attach Leash for Ice Climbing Clipper


    Quick attach leash for ice climbing

    This comfortable leash with foam padding easily detaches from the axe for times when you need to have your hands free to place screws... The innovative clip securely attaches the leash to the tool, and is quick to detach and reattach. The strap is simple to adjust and stays on the wrist while unattached to the tool.

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  • Removable Leash for Mountaineering Ice Axe Linkin


    Removable leash for mountaineering ice axe

    Comfortable removable leash for avoiding loss of the ice axe, adaptable to all types of ice axes equipped with a hole for the passage of a carabiner or sling.

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  • Pick and Spike Protection


    Protector caps for pick and spike of ice axe, cannot be lost and adapt to most Petzl ice axes.

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  • Connector Positioning Ring Tanga (Pack of 10)


    The TANGA positioning ring helps hold the connector in the correct position.

  • Head Protector


    Classic rubber guard that prevents the pick and adze from tearing up gear

  • Spike/Pick Protector


    A rubber protector that fits the spike of traditional ice axes. Also designed to be used on picks

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  • Alpina Leash


    A technical leash designed to fit nearly any ice axe

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  • Touring Leash


    A simple sliding leash designed to fit the shaft dimensions on all CAMP mountaineering ice axe

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  • Corsa Leash


    A lightweight leash designed to fit any ice axe

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