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  • Flashlight P7R


    Economy meets ecology: With its energy concept that's perfectly geared towards batteries, the P7R is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well

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  • Fixation Tactikka


    Kit for mounting a TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA +, TACTIKKA +RGB or TACTIKKA CORE type headlamp on a STRATO or VERTEX helmet

    FIXATION TACTIKKA is a kit that allows the user to mount or unmount a TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA +, TACTIKKA +RGB or TACTIKKA CORE headlamp on a helmet any time, and keeps the option of adjusting the tilt of the headlamp. The system is especially resistant to impact and moisture.

  • Headlamp e+LITE


    Ultra-compact emergency headlamp. 30 lumens

    Ultra-lightweight and highly compact, the e+LITE emergency headlamp is the one to always have with you. Thanks to its carry case, it is always ready to use and can be stored with its batteries for ten years in a backpack, a vest, or an emergency kit, or used as a back-up headlamp. Its white or red, continuous 30-lumen lighting or strobe lighting helps you to be seen. The whistle integrated in the elastic headband allows the user to signal an emergency. Weighing only 26 grams, e+LITE is an ideal emergency headlamp.

  • Flashlight P17


    Design and technology have never come together so well. The Ledlenser's P17 casing is black and due its coating has an elegant and velvety appearance

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  • Accu Nao


    Rechargeable battery for NAO headlamp

    The spare Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery guarantees high performance for the NAO headlamp, even at low temperatures. It recharges directly via USB with its integrated connection.

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  • Headlamp Tikkid (various colors)

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    Compact headlamp for children 3 years and older. 20 lumens

    Easy to use and compact, TIKKID is the first Petzl headlamp designed for children. It has a flood beam that offers comfortable vision for reading or playing, indoors or out. The headband, releasable under tension, and the protected battery pack make it especially suitable for young children.

  • Flashlight P17R


    With a battery life of up to 60 hours, the P17R is a real stayer. Its main selling point is its sustainable battery technology, which is predominantly used in electric vehicles: the Safety Ytrion Cell

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  • Accu Nao+


    Rechargeable battery for NAO + headlamp

    The spare Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery guarantees high performance for the NAO + headlamp, even at low temperatures. It recharges directly via USB with its integrated connection.

  • Headlamp Bindi (various colors)


    Ultra-compact rechargeable headlamp designed for everyday athletic activities. 200 lumens

    Weighing barely 35 g, the BINDI headlamp is ultra-compact and fits in the palm of your hand. With 200 lumens of power, it is ideal for urban training runs. It is ideal for everyday athletic activities, thanks to the battery that charges via micro USB port. Its minimalist yet functional design combines style and convenience. The headband features a reflective thread that makes the user visible under any conditions.

  • Flashlight MT10


    This very compact but strong flashflight easily fits nature in your bag

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  • Kit Belt Nao


    Extension cord and belt clip for NAO headlamp

    The kit contains an extension cord and clip for attaching the rechargeable battery to a bag, a belt... With the NAO belt kit, the NAO's rechargeable battery can be put in a pocket or on a belt to reduce the weight on the head. In winter, this system protects the rechargeable battery from cold and thus increases its burn time.

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  • Headlamp Nao


    Ultra-powerful, rechargeable multi-beam headlamp. Features REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology that automatically adapts light intensity to user needs. 700 lumens

    With 700 lumens of power, NAO sets the standard for night trails! It is intelligent, and entirely devoted to performance. During activity, with REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, NAO analyzes ambient light and instantly adjusts the brightness to the needs of the athlete. With energy optimized and manipulations reduced to a minimum, the trail runner can concentrate on the race!

  • Flashlight MT14


    The light illuminates the darkest forest. The battery lasts for the longest camping, hunting or fishing trip

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  • Belt Kit Nao+


    The kit contains an extension cord and a clip to attach the battery to a backpack, a belt ... With the NAO belt kit, the battery of the NAO flashlight can be placed in a pocket or on the belt to carry less weight in head. In winter, this system allows to protect the battery from the cold and increase the autonomy of the flashlight.

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  • Headlamp Nao +


    The Petzl NAO+ rechargeable headlamp puts out a multi-beam, powerful 750 lumens, with Bluetooth capabilities and automatic adjustment of the light intensity based on your needs.

  • Flashlight MT18


    With its brightness and ease of use, this up to 3000 lumens strong flashlight wins over hunters, campers and fishers alike

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  • Headlamp Adapter Adapt Strix


    Plate for attaching Strix Headlamp to helmet with no rail system.

  • Headlamp Duo Z2


    Powerful multi-beam headlamp that runs on standard batteries, with FACE2FACE anti-glare function, for use in ATEX hazardous areas. 430 lumens

    The DUO Z2 headlamp provides a powerful 430 lumens in BOOST mode, and runs on regular batteries. It is multi-beam, and has four lighting modes, making it adaptable to every situation: close-range work, proximity, movement and long-range vision. Featuring the FACE2FACE anti-glare function, the DUO Z2 headlamp allows those working in a group to face each other without blinding one another, enabling them to work more effectively together. It can be worn on VERTEX and STRATO helmets, thanks to the included mounting plates. It meets ATEX zone 2/22 (II 3 GD Ex ic IIB T4 Gc IIIB T135° C Dc) certification requirements for work in hazardous areas.

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