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  • Fall Arrest Kit Fast 10m



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  • Belay Set Top Belay


    Inexperienced climbers and children should be belayed from above while on a via ferrata. To make belaying as easy as possible, we have assembled the VIA FERRATA TOP BELAY set.

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  • Rescue Kit High Rack 1


    The RESCUE KIT HIGH RACK 1 is a fully comprehensive set for securing in high-bay warehouses.

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  • Rescue Kit High Rack 2


    The RESCUE KIT HIGH RACK 2 is a fully comprehensive set for securing in high-bay warehouses.

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  • Kit Convenion


    This set contains the basic essential kit for fall protection when working at heights on buildings or roofs: the IGNITE ION harness, which is extremely quick and easy to put on, can be used in combination with the follow-on fall arrest device (SKN BAND SK 11) and the webbing sling (LOOP 26 kN). All of this equipment is stored in the COLBAG, which comes with the set.

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  • Kit Magicon


    This 4-piece set is suitable for a variety of applications. The IGNITE TRION is a versatile harness with one back eyelet, one chest eyelet and two lateral holding eyes. 

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  • Kit Omnion


    Complete set for versatile application in industry and trade (e.g. roofing)

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  • Kit Performion


    The SET PERFORMION is the perfect standard equipment for all work at height.

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  • Kit Relyon


    Variable insertable set with a 2.5 m range of motion

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  • Kit Securion


    4-piece safety set for a variety of applications

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  • Kit Superion


    The SET SUPERION is a high performance assembly for ladders and mast-climbing applications with the highest standards.

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  • Kit Peanut Platform (various sizes)


    This set contains simple basic equipment for safe working on aerial work platforms and should always be at hand when needed.

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  • Kit Peanut Scaffolding


    This 3-piece safety set is made for work on scaffolding.

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  • Safety Kit ARG 30


    SET-222120-15 / SAFETY KIT ARG 30 - This high-quality complete set for trade and industry includes a high-performance full harness and a length-adjustable fall arrester.

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  • Safety Kit CS 2


    SET-081307-10 / SAFETY KIT CS 2 - This ready-to-use basic set, consisting of the CS 2 all-rounder harness, a SKN BAND SK11 guided fall arrester and a LOOP 26 kN sling, is essential for all kinds of applications in trade and industry. Both can be stored in the practical ROPE BAG.

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  • Kit Lory RopeLine


    Temporary horizontal lifelines are very popular anchoring options for assembly work in steel construction, scaffolding and generally on buildings, especially on roofs. LORY ROPELINE is a lightweight, transportable, quickly mountable and flexibly usable.

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  • Fall Arrest Kit 10 m


    The belay set contains a harness for protection against falling, belay rope, autobelay device and a set of carabiners and lanyards. This set is great for work on the roof (moving on roofs, structures, photovoltaic installations, gutters, etc.).