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  • Via Ferrata Bodyguard Pail Set


    Via Ferrata Set 

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  • Flashlight P7R


    Economy meets ecology: With its energy concept that's perfectly geared towards batteries, the P7R is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well

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  • Connector Horai


    An innovative connector with a large gate opening and excellent ergonomics for easy one-handed operation. 
    Constructed from forged aluminum alloy. It is ideal for the connecting to cables, metal rings or temporary webbing anchors.

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  • Crochlamp S


    Headlamp clips for thin-edged helmets (pack of 4)

    Four headlamp clips for mounting a headlamp, compatible with thin-edged helmets that lack integrated headlamp clips.

  • Headlamp e+LITE


    Ultra-compact emergency headlamp. 30 lumens

    Ultra-lightweight and highly compact, the e+LITE emergency headlamp is the one to always have with you. Thanks to its carry case, it is always ready to use and can be stored with its batteries for ten years in a backpack, a vest, or an emergency kit, or used as a back-up headlamp. Its white or red, continuous 30-lumen lighting or strobe lighting helps you to be seen. The whistle integrated in the elastic headband allows the user to signal an emergency. Weighing only 26 grams, e+LITE is an ideal emergency headlamp.

  • Chest Harness Air Top


    Adjustable comfortable chest harness

  • Gloves Assure Max (various sizes)


    Gloves entirely in leather, with reinforced palm.

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  • Breathable Cap Liner (2 sizes)


    Breathable cap for wicking perspiration

    LINER is a breathable cap for wicking perspiration and drying quickly. The seamless fitted design makes it comfortable to wear under a helmet, without getting in the way.

  • Harness for Children Ouistiti


    Designed for children weighing less than 30 kg, the OUISTITI harness is especially easy to put on and adjust. It does not require a connector to be fastened, and the adjustment system is difficult for a child to access. The perforated foam structure and the front tie-in point favor comfort while climbing.

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  • Harness "8003" (various sizes)

    €87.46 -15% €74.35

    For those who prefer a full-body fall protection harness, the 8003 harness is particularly suited to glacier travel and classic mountaineering. Fully adjustable and adapts to all shapes.

  • Harness Hirundos (various sizes)


    Lightweight and comfortable climbing harness for performance in the gym and at the crag

    Lightweight and comfortable, the HIRUNDOS harness is designed for performance climbing in the gym and at the crag. The sleek, slim design with elasticized leg loops offers complete freedom of movement with minimal weight. The four equipment loops provide sufficient space for the required equipment. The tie-in points are made of high-modulus polyethylene for improved resistance to rope friction and for greater durability of the harness.

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  • Harness Sama (various sizes)


    Harness for climbing in a gym, at the crag, or on multi-pitch routes.

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  • Helmet Boreo (various versions)


    Durable and versatile helmet with enhanced protection for climbing and mountaineering

    Durable and very versatile, the BOREO helmet is suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning... Thanks to its hybrid construction, the helmet is both low-profile and head-covering. Protection against lateral, frontal and rear impact is reinforced. Optimized volume on the head and wide ventilation holes make it a comfortable helmet for all activities.

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  • Lanyard Scorpio Vertigo


    Via ferrata lanyard with VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners

    The SCORPIO VERTIGO via ferrata lanyard is designed for users weighing 40 to 120 kg, in compliance with the EN 958: 2017 standard. It is very compact and lightweight, and also easy to use, thanks to VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners on the two retractable arms. Its great durability is well suited for regular rental use in parks.

  • Harness Bodyguard


    Full body harness for beginners and via ferrata.

    On request
  • Carabiner K-Advance Shell (various colours)


    Hot forged light alloy carabiner with double gate, ideal terminal connector for via ferrata and adventure park lanyards.

    On request
  • Flashlight P17


    Design and technology have never come together so well. The Ledlenser's P17 casing is black and due its coating has an elegant and velvety appearance

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